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International Business Transactions Attorney

Zachary has over 20 years specializing in Commercial and Business Transactions, both Domestic and International.  Zachary reviews, negotiates, and creates various commercial contracts and agreements for your business, including the following: 

▪    Contracts with Customers


▪    Contracts with Vendors

▪    Contracts with Suppliers


▪    Contracts with Other Companies

▪    Letters of Intent (LOI)

▪    Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)

▪    Bill of Sale

▪    Stock Transfer Agreement


▪    Distribution Agreements

▪    Manufacturing Agreements

▪    Joint-Venture Agreements


▪    Purchase and Sale Agreements

▪    Licensing Agreements

▪    Service Agreements

▪    Franchise Agreements


▪    Crude Oil Agreements

▪    Oil & Gas Lease Agreements

▪    Commercial Lease Agreements


▪    Confidentiality Agreements


▪    Loan Agreements

▪    Marketing Agreements

▪    Non-Disclosure Agreements


▪    Non-Circumvention Agreements

▪    Oil & Gas Lease Agreements

▪    Oil & Gas Purchase & Sale Agreements

▪    Promissory Notes

▪    Distribution Agreements.


▪    Other Commercial Contracts

Much too often, clients come to Zachary after a lawsuit is filed, and the usual problem is that the contract was poorly drafted by someone else, which can lead to extra costly litigation.   


As such, Zachary believes in having strong and clear contracts drafted from the beginning in an attempt to reduce the amount of future litigation.  Simply put, the clearer the contract, the better.  Moreover, it should also be noted that, just like businesses are constantly growing and evolving, a company’s contract should also evolve and be updated.  

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