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Zachary A. Emmanouil, Esq.

We have close, personal relationships with all of our clients.  Our clients trust us, and we trust them.  Our clients are our friends and a part of our family, and we treat them as we would our own brother or sister, or father or mother.


We have the luxury of hand-selecting our clients.  An attorney can be the mirror image of his clients, and clients can also be the mirror image of their attorney.  If a prospective client does not have the same reputation and level of integrity as we have, then we will not represent them -  no matter how much money they are willing to pay us – it’s that simple.


We are not interested in your money.  We are interested in having a long-term relationship with you.  A close, personal relationship built on trust is the solid foundation of any strong relationship.  We can both make more money together over the long-term.

Here are the Top 10 things that separate us from other law firms and attorneys:

1.  We Are An Exclusive Law Firm - Only A Select  Group Can Join Our Firm As Clients.

Traditional law firms generally accept "any clients that come through the door" and do “volume business” by representing hundreds of clients.  However, we are very, very different - we represent fewer, select clients.  The vast majority of our clients are referrals from our other clients, and we consider each potential client and their business very carefully before deciding to have them join our firm as our exclusive, elite group of clients.  Think of this as being a member of an exclusive club - not everyone can be a member. If we ultimately decide to have you as a client, then you will be among a select, exclusive group that will receive the highest level of quality and attention.  How many law firms do you know are like this?

2.  Zachary Has Both Legal and Executive Business Experience.

Many attorneys, while knowledgeable in the legal field, understandably lack executive business experience - attorneys may know the law, but many attorneys have never actually run a business.  Consequently, corporate officers and directors may often be presented with a dilemma - whether to accept an attorney’s ultra conservative legal advice, or simply proceed with established (albeit risky) executive business practices.  Under such circumstances, it is important for an attorney to possess and combine both legal and executive business experience to obtain a balance, and thus propose reasonable real-world business solutions that provide a calculated level of legal protection.  Zachary is a seasoned Business Attorney, former President and General Counsel of a U.S.-based company with international operations.  Moreover, Zachary is also an "Outside" General Counsel and has consulted CEOs and Boards of various companies on several matters, from both a legal and business perspective. 

Zachary is a seasoned and respected Business Attorney where he practices both Complex Business Litigation & Arbitration, and Corporate Law & Business Transactions, which is a notable benefit to clients because experience in one of these practice areas provides a valuable benefit to the other. 


Notably, as a Complex Commercial Litigation Attorney, Zachary represented a corporate plaintiff in a $25 million Civil RICO case against a Fortune 250 Company on a contingency fee basis, and secured a favorable confidential settlement for his client.  


As a Corporate Law and Business Transactions Attorney, Zachary counsels businesses in all stages of growth.  Zachary has also engaged in the purchase & sale of several companies, and has negotiated and drafted countless contracts and agreements for corporate clients in various industries. 


The largest transaction that Zachary has handled exceeded $1.2 Billion (yes, Billion with a "B").

Zachary has Executive Business Experience as a President of a U.S.-based company with international operations where he ran the day-to-day operations of the company, and was chiefly responsible for developing, managing, and protecting the company's relationships with its wholesale customers in the U.S., Brazil, and Europe, and he also negotiated all of the company's contracts which provided greater protection for the company and allowed the company to grow quickly and more profitable.  

How many attorneys do you know have both legal and real-world executive business experience?

3.  Zachary Has Both "In-House" and "Outside" General Counsel Experience.

Zachary has extensive General Counsel experience, both as an "In-House" General Counsel, and also as an "Outside" General Counsel.

As an "In-House" General Counsel, Zachary: (1) counseled the company on all legal issues, (2) drafted the company’s contracts with its customers, landlords, and vendors, (3) hired and managed outside counsel in foreign jurisdictions to prosecute and defend the company's legal and business interest, (4) assisted outside counsel to reduce legal fees, and (5) was essentially the “problem solver” for the company. 

As an "Outside" General Counsel, Zachary has consulted CEOs and Boards of countless companies where he performs the following legal services:

  • Counsel the company on general legal issues.

  • Ensure that corporate formalities are followed.

  • Attend and participate in Board meetings.

  • Draft, analyze, and negotiate contracts with customers, other companies, vendors, landlords, and independent contractors.

  • Identify legal issues that are outside of the General Counsel’s specialized area of expertise, and assist in obtaining counsel with experience in that that specific legal area. (For example, if there is an employment issue, then the General Counsel can recommend to the Board that an employment attorney be retained for a specific matter.)

  • Manage counsel in other jurisdictions to prosecute and defend the company’s legal and business interests.

Accordingly, Zachary is able to combine his seasoned legal and executive business experience to provide innovative and strategic solutions to his clients from around the world.

How many attorneys do you know that have both "In-house" and "outside" general counsel experience?

4.  We Offer A 100-point Business Inspection To Uncover The Problems In Your Business That You Don't Realize You Have.

The health of our bodies can often times be deceiving - we may feel good and healthy, but when we go to the doctor for an annual physical examination and blood-work, we may tragically find out that we have cancer, or another disease.  Such illnesses can often times be prevented, or mitigated IF we go to the doctor early for our annual physical examination and blood-work.  However, if we do not go early, then the consequences can later appear, but it may be too late. The same holds true for the health of your business.  Your business may be in the early stages of cancer, but you don't even realize it.  

It is for this reason that we offer a "physical exam" for your business, and we call it our "100-point Business Inspection."

How many other law firms do you know offer such a 100-point business inspection?

5.  We provide World-Class Concierge Business Law Services. 

We provide all our selected clients with personal attention, expert local knowledge, and special privileges – and at no extra cost.  How many law firms do you know that offer Concierge Business Law Services, and at no extra cost?

6.  Zachary Specializes In Several Different Areas Related to Business.

Most attorneys specialize in only one area, but we have over 20 years of experience in several areas: General Counsel representation (both “In-House” and “Outside” General Counsel), Corporate Law, Business Transactions, Buying & Selling Companies, Complex Commercial Litigation & Arbitration, Commercial & Business Mediation, and Real Estate Broker representation.  Moreover, as is explained in more detail below, Zachary is also a Commercial Mediator, Arbitrator, and Real Estate Broker.  How many attorneys do you know that specialize in all of these areas and are also a Commercial Mediator, and Arbitrator?

7.  We Have Alliances That Can Benefit You.

​We have personal relationships and alliances with professionals in other industries that are an integral part of your business, such as Bankers, CPAs, Insurance Agents, and Payroll companies, just to name a few, and we can introduce you to all of them.  Having such introductions not only save you time, but also give you peace of mind because you will be dealing with highly experienced professionals that are highly recommended by us.  How many law firms do you know that have such alliances that can benefit you?


8.  Zachary Is A Commercial Mediator and Arbitrator.

Zachary is also a highly successful Commercial mediator, in part because he is able to draw upon and combine both his legal and executive business experience.  In order to better understand Zachary's application of both his legal and executive business experience in mediation - especially within the context of mediating disputes before a lawsuit is filed, please read his article title "Integrating Legal, Business, and Mediation Experience in Pre-Suit Mediation" by clicking hereHow many Business Law Attorneys do you know that are also a Commercial Mediator?

Zachary is also a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit-Civil Mediator.  Mr. Emmanouil has experience with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM), and the American Arbitration Association (AAA).  How many Business Law Attorneys do you know that are also a Commercial Arbitrator?

9.  Zachary Is A Business Broker.

Want to buy or sell a business?  In addition to handling the purchase and sale of businesses as a Business Attorney, Zachary also represents clients that are interested in selling or buying a business as a Business Broker.  

There are many people who claim to be "business brokers" but very few of them, if any, are also Business Attorneys. 

After having represented many clients in M&A deals regarding the purchase and sale of their businesses, Zachary discovered that many of these self-titled and so-called "Business Brokers" actually caused several problems during the purchase and sale process because they did not have the legal background to foresee various types of issues with the deal, and which ultimately cost clients time and money.  


Would you rather have a "business broker" who is not a lawyer, or would you rather have a Business Broker like Zachary who is also an experienced Business Attorney? 

10.  Zachary Is A Commercial & Residential Real Estate Broker.

After developing years of proven results, established trust, and unwavering loyalty with his clients as an Attorney, countless clients urged Zachary to also become a real estate agent and broker to also represent them in the buying and selling of both residential and commercial properties, which Zachary agreed to do, and has done successfully for over 15 years.  How many Business Law Attorneys do you know that are also Commercial & Residential Real Estate Brokers?


   Master of Laws in International Law (LL.M.)

     with concentration in International Litigation and Arbitration, 

       and International Business Transactions

     University of Miami School of Law, 1999


 Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.)

     with concentration in Commercial Litigation and Business Law.

     Oklahoma City University School of Law, 1998


  Master of Public Policy and Administration (M.P.P.A.)

     with concentration in International Business Policy.

     Baylor University, 1994


  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

     Double Majors in Political Science and History, with Minor in English.

     Houston Baptist University, 1992

Licenses and Certifications

▪  Attorney:  Licensed in both the State of Florida and District of Columbia.

▪  Mediator:  Circuit-Civil Certified by the Supreme Court of Florida.

▪  Arbitrator:  Qualified by the Supreme Court of Florida.

▪  Real Estate Broker:  Licensed by the State of Florida.

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