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100-Point Business Inspection

We Offer A 100-point Business Inspection To Uncover The Problems In Your Business That You Don't Realize You Have.

The health of our bodies can often times be deceiving - we may feel good and healthy, but when we go to the doctor for an annual physical examination and blood-work, we may tragically find out that we have cancer, or another disease.  Such illnesses can often times be prevented, or mitigated IF we go to the doctor early for our annual physical examination and blood-work.  However, if we do not go early, then the consequences can later appear, but it may be too late. The same holds true for the health of your business.  Your business may be in the early stages of cancer, but you don't even realize it.  

It is for this reason that we offer a "physical exam" for your business, and we call it our "100-point Business Inspection."  

As part of our Concierge services, Mr. Emmanouil personally can come to your business to perform the inspection, which includes having a meeting, and an brief overview of documents in order to initially evaluate the health of your business, and to later create a prognosis of what your business needs from a legal standpoint in order to better insure that your business is healthy and better protected from a legal standpoint, and also from a business standpoint to assist in finding ways to help your company grow.

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