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Concierge Business Law Services

What also separates Miami Business Alliance from other law firms is that we provide every client with World-Class Concierge Business Law Service.


Most people pay for Concierge services for the following 3 reasons:


1.   Personal Attention.


Miami Business Alliance believes in “Quality over Quantity.”  We have the luxury of hand-selecting our clients so that we can give them personal attention.  An attorney can be the mirror image of his clients, and clients can also be the mirror image of their attorney.  If a prospective client does not have the same great reputation and level of integrity and care as we do, then we will not represent them – it’s that simple.


We have close, personal relationships with all of our clients.  Our clients are loyal to us, and we are loyal to them.  Our clients are a part of our family, and we treat them as we would our own brother or sister, or mother or father.  What other attorneys do you know that treat their clients with such special care?


2.   Expert Local Knowledge.


Being a client of Miami Business Alliance gives you access to the alliances that we have with several professionals, such as Bankers, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Payroll companies, and Financial Planners & Advisors.  Having such introductions not only save you time, but also give you peace of mind because you will be dealing with highly experienced professionals that are highly recommended by your Business Attorney. 


3.   Special Privileges.


As a client of Miami Business Alliance, you also receive several special privileges. 


One such privilege is that we can make “house calls” and can come to your place of business.  This way, you don’t need to waste your valuable time driving to our office because we can come to you.


In addition to introducing you to other professionals in other industries from our alliance, we can also arrange and attend a meeting with you and the other professional.  For example, we can attend a meeting with you and a banker from our alliance.  If the banker has any particular questions while we are at the meeting, then we may answer those questions while at the meeting, which would save you time and headaches, and thus allow you to spend more time making money in your business, and spend more time with your family.

World-Class Concierge Service At No Additional Cost.


Normally, Concierge services come at an added premium cost.  However, at Miami Business Alliance, ALL of our clients receive World-Class Concierge Business Law Services at no additional charge.  Think of this as flying First-Class Business, but only paying for coach.  Wouldn't you want all of the luxuries and benefits of flying First-Class while only paying at a coach price?

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