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There are several professionals that every business needs, including the following:


Business Attorney



Real Estate Broker

Payroll company

Insurance Agent (Commercial, Health, Property, Life & Disability)

Property Manager

Real Estate Title Agent

Financial Planner & Advisor

Immigration Attorney (for Foreign citizens)

Estate Planning Attorney


One of the problems that companies have is that they don’t know of a good banker, CPA, payroll company, insurance agent, or other professionals in other necessary industries.  This is not only especially true for clients that are outside the State of Florida and new to Miami, but also especially true for international clients that are outside of the United States.


Many law firms may know people who work in any of the above industries, but few law firms actually have personal relationships and alliances with them.


For example, all law firms have a bank account with a particular bank, but they usually do not even know the name of the banker who oversees their account. 


Another great benefit of being a client of Miami Business Alliance is that we have personal relationships and alliances with several professionals, and we can introduce you to all of them.  Having such introductions not only save you time, but also give you peace of mind because you will be dealing with highly experienced professionals that are highly recommended by your Business Attorney. 


Moreover, using the same professionals that are a part of our alliance and network can also be extremely beneficial for you because we all have a working relationship together.  For example, we form a new company for you and also prepare all of the corporate documents related to your new company.  We give you all of these documents, and you provide them to one of the bankers that is in our alliance and network.  If the banker has a particular question regarding the documents, then the banker can simply contact us for an explanation, rather than contacting you.  In this example, the banker did not even have to get you involved and waste your time; rather, the banker simply contacted us for a more effective and efficient answer.  Conversely, if a client were to use another bank, then you could be much more involved, which could take time away from you making money in your business, or spending time with your family.

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