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Real Estate Broker - Introduction

Zachary is both a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker.  On this page you will learn: (1) the difference between a sales associate and a broker, (2) why I decided to become a Real Estate Broker, and (3) what sets Zachary apart from other brokers.

Sales Associate vs. Broker


In Florida, there are two types of licensed individuals who can represent clients in buying and selling real estate.  The first type is a sales associate, and the second type is a broker.  A sales associate works under a broker because becoming a broker requires completing additional classes and passing the much more difficult broker exam.  There are thousands of licensed real estate agents in Florida, but the vast majority are just sales associates, and thus only a small percentage are brokers.  You would obviously want a broker to represent you, not just a sales associate, right?

Common Broker vs. Broker Who Is Also An Attorney


Did you also know that brokers and sales associates do not need a college degree to become licensed?   Both brokers and sales associates only need a high school diploma.  How many brokers do you know have a college degree?  How many brokers do you know have four (4) degrees and are also seasoned and respected Attorneys like myself?  In addition to having a broker represent you over a typical sales associate, you would obviously want a broker who is also an Attorney, right?

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