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Residential Real Estate Broker


Corporate clients who open a business and move to Miami also need a Residential Real Estate Broker to find a home or condo for them to purchase or rent.  As a Residential Real Estate Broker, Zachary represents both U.S. and International clients in buying and selling residential houses and condos generally from $1 million to over $12 million, and in areas where his clients’ lifestyles are as diverse and unique as the different areas that Greater Miami has to offer.  Zachary's experience is focused and specialized in the following areas:


For those clients who want to live in condos in the heart of Miami’s financial district, right next to Downtown.

The Roads

For those clients who want to live in single-family houses rather than condos, yet are essentially on the other side of Brickell.


Coconut Grove

For those clients who want to live in more traditional neighborhoods (both single family houses or condos) with more modern-style architecture, but are still close to Brickell/Downtown.  “The Grove” as it is called locally, has more of a tropical feel and Bohemian-style vibe.


Coral Gables

“The Gables" is actually its own city within Miami, and offers traditional neighborhoods in Spanish/Mediterranean architecture, and has its own downtown, yet still a short commute to Downtown/Brickell.  Plenty of fine dinning and shopping. Lifestyle is somewhat more “conservative” than the Grove.


Miami Beach

For those clients who want more of a “laid-back,” “beach” lifestyle, with trendy restaurants, and art-deco style architecture, yet still have a short commute to Downtown and Brickell, with a beautiful drive over the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay to and from the mainland.


Key Biscayne

For those clients who want somewhat of a "beach" lifestyle, with a “calmer” and more “conservative” vibe.  Think of this area as a smaller, quainter Gables, but on an Island, and with a beautiful drive over the water to and from the mainland.

The Florida Keys

From Key Largo, to Islamorada, to Marathon, to Key West, and every Key in between, the Florida Keys are a tropical destination for many seeking to live a life of peace and tranquility, and with local restaurants with the freshest seafood, and some of the best boating, sailing, diving, snorkeling, and fishing in the world year around.


Accordingly, whether you are a Seller or Buyer, or whether you are in the market for commercial or residential properties, Mr. Emmanouil can help you in ways that no other sales associate or broker can because Zachary is both a Broker and an Attorney.

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