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Commercial Real Estate Broker


As a Commercial Real Estate Broker, Zachary also represents both U.S. and International clients and investors purchase income-producing commercial properties generally from $5 million to over $300 million.

Assisting Corporate Clients Purchase Or Lease Commercial Properties For Their Businesses

Moreover, given that Zachary represents corporate clients from around the world, such corporate clients not only need legal and business consulting services, but also seek to purchase or lease properties in Florida for their businesses, and therefore they need an experienced Commercial Real Estate Broker.  Zachary has found warehouses, office buildings, commercial land, and other types of properties for his corporate clients that suited their distinct and specific needs.

Income Producing Commercial Properties

In addition to locating properties for his corporate clients, Zachary also assists investors looking to purchase income-producing properties.  Throughout his many years in the real estate business, Mr. Emmanouil has learned that his high net-worth clients seek income-producing commercial properties within the following parameters:​           

National Tenants

High net-worth clients focus on properties where the tenants are national tenants with high credit ratings.  There are two primary reasons for this: First, national tenants have high financial strength and thus offer a lower-risk of default to the investor.  Second, if an investor does not have 100% cash to purchase the property, then (all else being equal) a bank will be willing to offer a loan if the property has a national tenant.

“Triple Net” Leases

High net-worth clients focus on properties that have Triple Net leases. A “Triple Net” lease (NNN) is one in which the tenant pays for everything: (1) all of the property taxes, (2) all of the insurance, and (3) all of the maintenance.  Generally, all an investor has to do is simply go to his mailbox to collect the rent check every month.

Long Remaining Leases

High net-worth clients focus on the remaining time left on a lease. Generally, if a lease has a 15-year lease term, but there is less than 5 years remaining, then High Net-Worth clients will not even consider purchasing the property.

Desirable Metropolitan Areas

High net-worth clients focus on properties being located in desirable metropolitan areas.  Virtually all leases with national tenants have renewal options.  If a property is located in a metropolitan area, then that means more people, and more people means more business.  So if a property is located in a metropolitan area, then there is a greater chance that the national tenant will renew the lease.  It should be noted that the geographic location is not important.  So long as a property has all of the qualities that High Net-Worth clients seek, they buy such Triple-Net Commercial properties all over the United States, so long as the properties are located in Metropolitan areas. 


Free-Standing, Fee-Simple Building

High net-worth clients focus on properties that are “Free-Standing” and sold in “Fee Simple.”  This means that the building is a single building (“Free Standing”) and not a part of, or attached to, anyone else’s building. Also, the land under the building is also owned by the seller, and is not part of an association; so when an investor purchases such a commercial property, he is purchasing it “Fee-Simple.”


Cap Rates Over 5% 

High net-worth clients focus on properties that are selling with a cap rate between 5% and 6% (and certainly higher if possible) of the NOI.  This means that the return on the amount paid to purchase the property will yield an NOI (“Net Operating Income”) over 5%. Put in even simpler terms, a high net-worth client seeks to make a 5% Net return on his money.  When you combine this with other tax saving measures, it is understandable how High-Net Worth clients continue to grow their portfolio.

Identifying Commercial Properties for Businesses That Are Also Income Producing

It should be noted that, where possible and appropriate, Zachary identifies properties for sale not only to establish a corporate client's business, but also serve as an income producing property.  For example, if a company needs office space, then Zachary can identify a building that the client can purchase where the client's business can house a certain portion of the building, and then rent out the remaining portion of the building to create additional cash-flow through commercial rental income.

Smaller Residential Income Producing Properties

In addition to large commercial real estate properties, Zachary also represents clients interested in buying and selling the following types of residential income producing properties:

Smaller Apartment Buildings

(generally under 50 units)


Detached Single Family Houses






Accordingly, whether you are a Seller or Buyer, or whether you are in the market for commercial or residential properties, Mr. Emmanouil can help you in ways that no other sales associate or broker can because Zachary is both a Broker and an Attorney.

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